The Must-Have Souvenir: SCI Ontario’s True North Gala Programme Design

The True North Gala was an incredible celebration of Spinal Cord Injury Ontario’s (SCI Ontario) 70th anniversary, bringing together a diverse group of attendees from all over Canada. The event was held at the Luxe Banquet Hall in North York, Ontario, Canada, and featured stunning Canadiana themes that added an extra layer of beauty and meaning to the already special occasion.

As a part of our role in organizing the event, we were tasked with creating numerous projects, including the event’s programme. Despite the aggressive timeline of only 2-3 days, we were able to create a truly exceptional programme that met and exceeded the expectations of the organizers and guests alike.

The programme itself was designed to be compact and easily accessible, using a folded 8.5 x 11 format that could be carried around by attendees throughout the event. We also added numerous maple leaves to the design, which helped to highlight the Canadiana theme and give the programme a unique and memorable look.

To ensure that the programme was in line with the event’s overall branding, we utilized some of the event’s existing colours while also injecting a luxurious gold colour to give the programme an extra touch of elegance and refinement. This resulted in a programme that not only provided essential information about the event, but also served as a beautiful and meaningful keepsake for attendees to cherish long after the event had ended.

Overall, the True North Gala was an incredible celebration that brought together people from all over Canada to commemorate an important milestone in SCI Ontario’s history. We were honoured to play a role in making the event a success, and we are proud of the exceptional programme that we were able to create in such a short timeframe.






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